Police: $90K worth of 'Molly' shipped to Destrehan woman from China

Police: $90K worth of 'Molly' shipped to Destrehan woman from China

DESTREHAN, LA (WVUE) - A Destrehan woman was arrested on multiple drug charges after police learned that she was to receive a massive shipment of bath salts from China.

The parcel contained approximately 1,052 grams of the substance with a street value of $90,000, police say.

Lojoan Fiffie, 39, was arrested on November 14.

Police say that a package from China was intercepted at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York.

Authorities examined the package and found 1,042 grams of a rock-like substance. Tests showed that the substance tested positive for Methylenedioxypyrovalerone, or MDPV bath salts. Officers say it is often distributed in the form of the designer drug commonly known as "Molly."

Officers estimate the street value of the parcel's contents at $90,000.

Police responded to the address listed on the package, located in the 200 block of Meadows Drive in Destrehan.

Lojoan Fiffie allegedly signed for the package before authorities executed a search warrant on her home.

In addition to the parcel containing the 1,042 grams of bath salts, police located marijuana, drug paraphernalia, phenobarbital, tramadol and valium. They also found a minor inside the home.

Fiffie was arrested on drug charges with the intent to distribute and for having drugs in the presence of a juvenile.

She was released on Monday after posting a $5,030 cash bond.

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