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Algiers school reopens after 70 students, 12 faculty sickened

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An Algiers school reopens after 70 students and 12 faculty members called out sick.

Parents at St. Andrew the Apostle School received an email Monday evening saying the school would be closed Tuesday because of an excessive number of people out with the flu. However, State Epidemiologist Dr. Raoult Ratard with the Department of Health and Hospitals said DHH sent a team of epidemiologists to find out if another sickness may be the cause.

Ratard says it would be extremely rare for a flu outbreak of this magnitude to happen this early in the flu season.

"It's a little bit early in the season, but we don't know - anything can happen," he said. "You know nothing is 100 percent when you look in biology. So, it's always interesting to be there and finding out what's going on."

Ratard said they're testing for other sicknesses such as the norovirus, which thrives in cold weather.

The school will reopen its doors to students and faculty on Wednesday morning.

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