Workout Wednesday: Band exercises

Workout Wednesday: Band exercises

(WVUE) - This week we're showing you how to workout with a exercise band. Johnny Midkiff from Bodytime Nola is back again to help us get that good workout in.

1. Abductors:

- Place feet shoulder width apart on band

- Make big steps to each side 20 times

- Hold hands at waist line and at side

2. Resistance Running

- Place band around hips

- Partner stands back holding the handles while the other person runs as hard as possible keeping the band around the hips.

- Repeat 20 times back and forth

- It's great for burning calories

3. Core/Ab/Obliques/Arms Work

- Push position of the floor with med ball with legs apart

- Bring knee underneath and to the opposite elbow while squeezing in the abs

- Do each side 20 times

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