VIRAL VIDEO: Hilarious dog discipline fail

VIRAL VIDEO: Hilarious dog discipline fail

FINLAND (WVUE) - He's a dog on a mission, just not the right one.

He is one of the competitors at a Koira Mestrai competition in Finland. The contest tests dogs on concentration and speed. His job: to run about 20 yards. The catch: he must resist the temptation of delicious sausages and plush play toys.

The first two dogs make it through the course with no problem. The handlers rewarded them with words of encouragement and a tug on a toy.

Maybe the Golden Retriever noticed that the reward wasn't worth the discipline. During his run he stops for several snacks and plays with one of the toys before finally finishing after pleas from his handler. Now he's a viral star.

Sure, the other dogs might have won the competition. But the Golden Retriever took home the big prize.

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