New businesses coming to stretch of Veterans Boulevard

Off of Veterans Boulevard near Martin Berhman Avenue, the signs of progress are all around.

"I think it's great. I think it's bringing people back into the community and letting people really see the growth that's happening," said Sheri Derbes.

Construction crews are building a new Fresh Market next to Office Depot. Some, though, point out that the price of progress can be frustrating.

"It seems like it's been going on for months, and the poor workers in Office Depot just roll their eyes when I bring it up. It's hard to park and hard to find our way in," said Karen Breen.

Still, they're hopeful about the parish's economic future.

"I think it's great. I think the outcome is going to be wonderful. It's just taking a long time to get there," Breen said.

Further down Veterans near Causeway Boulevard, Jefferson Parish President John Young points to the beautification project underway, and the fact that the land at Tolmas Drive and Veterans will finally be used as commercial property.

"It's now approved for re-development, a compromise has been worked out between the owner of that property and the residential neighborhood, so there will be some development there," Young said.

Young said it's unclear exactly what business will come to the property, but the economic boom throughout Metairie isn't slowing down. In fact, he said just last week that the applications for new businesses resulted in $15 million worth of investments in Jefferson Parish.

"Further down Vets, you have a restaurant at the old Marshal Bros. location and then you're going to have a Chipotle Grill at the Lowe's location, so there's a lot of activity on Veterans," he said.

The owner of Fausto's Bistro, next to Dorignacs, said he isn't at all threatened by the increase in the number of restaurants and grocery stores.

"I see the same people at different restaurants in the area. They go there and then they come back to me, so they make their rounds," said Fausto Dipietro.

With construction underway on some parts of Vets, you can expect to see more sites pop up in the near future as business owners continue to invest in Jefferson Parish.

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