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Bourbon Pecan Pie

Bourbon Pecan Pie Recipe 

The Filling: 

3 cups Sugar 

2/3 cups Water 

1/4 cup Bourbon

 1 1/2 cups Milk

 4 oz Butter 

4 Egg Yolks 

5 Eggs 

3 cups Pecan pieces, Toasted 

1 1/2 cups Chocolate Chips 

1. In mixing bowl combine water and sugar, pour mixture into a hot pot to caramelize. When sugar reaches gold brown color, shut heat off and add cream carefully. 

2. Slowly add bourbon then stir in butter. Allow mixture to cool down for 10 minutes before adding milk and eggs.

 3. Fill shell with filling and sprinkle pecans and chocolate chips on top.

 4. Filling bakes at 300 degrees in pie shell or until set and crust is golden brown. Serve the Bourbon Pecan Pie with either ice cream or whipped cream- believe it or not it cuts the sweetness of the pie, and brings all those wonderful flavors together! 

The Crust: 

28 oz Flour 

2 1/4 tsp Salt 

1/2 tsp Baking Powder 

8 oz Almond Flour 

16 oz Butter, Cold and small diced

 9 oz Water, Ice cold 

1. Combine flour, salt, baking powder and almond flour in large mixing bowl with paddle attachment. Add half diced butter to the flour mix, reserve remaining butter in cooler. On low to medium speed, mix until butter is fully incorporated into flour. 

2. Add remaining butter and mix with paddle until butter pieces resemble the size of split peas. By hand, mix in ice cold water. Do not over mix, stop while dough is crumbly. Press firmly on top of dough mixture and allow minutes to rest in the refrigerator, lightly covered with plastic wrap.

 3. After 20 minutes, scrape dough mixture on to work table. Lightly work dough together and then portion in to 2 pound ball. Fresh dough should rest for an hour in fridge before being used.

 4. Roll out dough and press into 9-inch pie pan. Refrigerate while making the filling.

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