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Senate candidates stump for votes as early voting begins

With only two weeks left until Election Day, people started heading to the polls Saturday to vote early. At campaign events across the state, both candidates vying for a U.S. Senate seat say getting people out to the polls for this election, is critical.

At a campaign rally in Kenner Saturday, Congressman Bill Cassidy fired up his supporters and urged them to encourage others to head to the polls. “We need you to get folks out to vote. If there's an Obama turnout machine, we need the Louisiana conservatives,” Cassidy said.

Cassidy's opponent, incumbent Senator Mary Landrieu, also spent the day preaching the importance of voting. Landrieu even accompanied a group of her supporters in Shreveport as they cast early ballots. “People should exercise their right to choose who they want to represent them and we had a good record turnout in the last election,” Landrieu explained.

In Orleans Parish, Clerk of Court Arthur Morrell predicts high numbers come Election Day. “Usually with a run off there's draw back but right now people seem to be very interested in the runoff so they're coming out and voting,” Morrell said.

The race between Landrieu and Cassidy is a highly publicized one. According to reports, the congressman is outspending the senator on advertising during the lead up to the run-off.

“In the North Carolina race one of the candidates out spent the other four to one and the candidate that spent less won, because it's not always about the money it's about people voting,” Landrieu said.

Cassidy says, “What is the key to winning is being on the right side of issues. Sen. Landrieu is on the wrong side of issues for the people of Louisiana.”

With 18 years under her belt in the Senate, Landrieu believes her record will win her another term saying, “I'm hoping that people will focus on the good work that's been done by our congressional delegation and me leading the charge in Washington on behalf of the people here.”

But Bill Cassidy contends, people here want something new. “There's a lot of enthusiasm for change in Louisiana,” said Cassidy.

Early voting continues through next Saturday, the 29th. Election Day is December 6th.

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