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Armed robber threatens to 'slice throat' of Metairie cashier

Smoothie Time Surveillance Photo Smoothie Time Surveillance Photo

Jefferson Parish has seen nearly 30 percent more armed robberies year-to-date over last year, and over the weekend, two young female cashiers were targeted in Metairie.

"I'm surprised. At this location, it's never happened before," said Narindar Singh Dhillon, the manager of the Subway in the 3800 block of Veterans Boulevard.

At Smoothie Time, a mom and pop store on the 3900 block of Veterans, video shows a woman stroll through the door Saturday at about 7 p.m. and head right to one young cashier. Armed with a knife, she yells demands at the other cashier.

"She went straight to her throat, put the knife - and told the other girl, 'open the drawer and give me all the money, open the door and give me all the money or I'm going to slice her throat,'" said one of the owners, who didn't want to be identified. "[The video is] very important, because she's going to do it again. She had a desperate look in her eyes. They said she had very, very glassy eyes almost like contacts you would wear at Halloween. So she, she was definitely on something. They could tell."

Dhillon said one of his young cashiers was threatened by a man with a gun just a day earlier and right across the street.

"Guy walked in, he had a hat on his head, and he had his arm on his face," Dhillon said. "He had a gun, pulled out a gun, and she, I guess she kind of panicked and tried to get the cash drawer to open and she couldn't get it open. So she gave him some money from the cash box."

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand said deputies will be even more vigilant in looking out for robbers this time of year.

"As we enter the holiday season, people supporting their habit, people trying to gain money for other reasons," Normand said.

By this time last year, Jefferson Parish saw 321 total reported robberies. This year, they're up to 407.

"I wouldn't say a good number of them, but a percentage of these are centered around drug deals gone bad, where it's characterized as an armed robbery," Normand explained.

Many others, he said, are random.

"These are crimes of opportunity. They're looking for prey," Normand said.

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