Jim Henderson Commentary: The dreadful NFC South

Jim Henderson Commentary: The dreadful NFC South

It's another bad week to be a Saints fan, but it's a worse week to be a turkey or a Ryan brother - and the worst week ever to be a turkey on a Ryan brother's table.

You don't often get a chance to each lose on Monday night as both Rex and Rob did last night. Now if you were a betting man, there's a good chance either or both of two self-proclaimed greatest coaches in the NFL will be looking for employment elsewhere after this season.

Call it "a snowball's chance in…Buffalo."

They will shoulder much of the blame for their team's losing records, but pull up a chair to the Thanksgiving table, there's plenty of it to go around for everyone. And there has been for some time.

Since the Saints got off to a 5 and 0 start last season, they have gone 10 and 12, mired in mediocrity. And with each loss comes realization that this just may be the "new normal" we will all have to get used to. The glory days are gone. The gory days have arrived - for the Saints and everyone in the NFC South.

If misery really does love company, how about a group hug of the Falcons, Panthers and Bucs. Along with the Saints they are underdogs this coming Sunday. If all lose - as predicted - it comes down to the final quarter of the season. The final four for the "four on the floor" of the NFC.

It might take 11 wins to win the AFC North. Eleven losses may not be too many to win the NFC South. To paraphrase the late Al Davis, "just one baby." Just get that elusive fifth win in the last four games, and it may be enough to get in the playoffs.

The Saints should be encouraged that three of their last four games are against the no longer dreaded but now dreadful NFC South.

But then - come to think of it - so should they.

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