Landrieu, Cassidy continue campaign march to Dec. 6

Landrieu, Cassidy continue campaign march to Dec. 6

In few places in America can you find an environmental issue as bipartisan as the cause of saving Louisiana's wetlands. Democrats and Republicans, often bitterly divided on the environment nationally, wear their support for the wetlands as a badge of honor.

Tuesday in Houma, Sen. Mary Landrieu visited Weeks Marine to highlight her work on the coast.

"We've never had this kind of money before," she said. "We've never had a reliable stream we could depend on."

Landrieu co-sponsored the bill to bring Louisiana a share of federal offshore oil revenue. The Jindal administration estimates Louisiana's share should average almost $175 million a year.

Voters in 2014 see no benefit. The money won't kick in until 2017. But Landrieu insists Weeks Marine is already investing hundreds of millions of dollars in dredging equipment.

"It's money that they can count on," she said. "They know it's coming."

Landrieu told a group of workers that the state needs her seniority to ensure that the law stays on the books and the money keeps coming.

"Without the strength in the delegation, it could be repealed like that," Landrieu said.

At an evening rally in Covington, Cassidy stuck to his campaign themes - tying Landrieu to President Obama and Washington Democrats.

"There is what I call the 'blue state vision,' which is that bigger government with more control over our lives is the answer for prosperity," Cassidy said.

"Sending a doctor to Washington, D.C. It just sounds right to me, particularly a gastroenterologist," said Texas Gov. Rick perry, who is campaigning for Cassidy. "I'm thinking you're the perfect guy."

Perry, also insisted that states with Republican governors were the real sources of job growth.

"The federal government is supposed to do a few things that are enumerated in the Constitution, and it has it listed out there - like security the border with Mexico," Perry said.

The polls show Cassidy with a double-digit lead, but he warns against overconfidence.

"Senator Mary Landrieu cannot win this race, but we can lose it," he said.

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