Penguins sexually assaulted by seals; scientists stunned

Penguins sexually assaulted by seals; scientists stunned

(WVUE) - Seals are forcing penguins to have sex in the Antarctic.

Scientists are baffled after male Antarctic fur seals were documented having sex with King Penguins of an unknown gender, reports the BBC. The disturbing videos were published in the online edition of the




Scientists first discovered the strange behavior in 2006. Returning earlier this year, scientists found that the problem persists.

"Honestly I did not expect that follow up sightings of a similar nature to that 2006 one would ever be made again, and certainly not on multiple occasions," Nico de Bruyn of the Mammal Research Institute at the University of Petoria told BBC.

Bruyn added she thinks the behavior is increasing in frequency.

These documented incidents are the only time pinnipeds – the group that includes seals and sea lions – have been known to have sex with an animal from a different biological class.

Scientists are unsure why the mammals are attempting to have sex with a bird. Some speculate that it is a learned behavior. Other theories include the seals blowing off “sexual frustration.”

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