Black Friday expands into the Wednesday before Thanksgiving

Black Friday expands into the Wednesday before Thanksgiving

Retailers are working hard to pull you away from the kitchen  and get you in their stores this Thanksgiving Eve.

Some are calling it "Green Wednesday," and it's part of an effort to stretch Black Friday into a three-day shopping spree.

"We're having a mama and a girl's day while the guys are out fishing," said Barbara Johnson

Johnson makes a day of it, checking out a growing number of sales.

"I found the sales wonderful," she said. "I got good deals at Macy's."

"Today we're calling it Green Wednesday," said Zales Manager Roberto Martinez. "We're starting our Black Friday specials this morning,"

About 20 percent of Lakeside Mall's stores sell items for as much as 50 percent off. By Friday, 95 percent of stores will offer substantial discounts.

Stores like Zales say there's still nothing like Black Friday, when sales will be 10 times higher than normal, but they say the day before Thanksgiving isn't bad either. And they say it's getting better all the time.

"We're constantly trying to figure out ways to improve the center," said Lakeside spokeswoman Tricia Phillpot. "We remodeled the food court and added a Starbuck's."

Lakeside will also open Thanksgiving night for shopping at several stores.

"They've seen the success of other retailers, and others now want to open earlier," said Phillpot.

While some look for bargains, others just want to get the job done.

"I don't even look for sales. I shop and go - you know, how men do it," said shopper Cory Hollins

"All women love shopping, and the little women have already started they make sure mama spends money," said Johnson.

They'd better get busy. Fortune magazine says holiday sales will jump by 4 percent this year.

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