Weather problems elsewhere cause some delays, cancellations at Armstrong International

Weather problems elsewhere cause some delays, cancellations at Armstrong International

At Armstrong International Wednesday, the very busy travel day came with a few headaches for some people, while others had smooth sailing in the hours leading up to Thanksgiving.

For loved ones of Christopher Wilson, a holiday celebration erupted. They waved signs and onlookers applauded as Wilson, a first-year student at the United States Military Academy at West Point, emerged from the Delta terminal. Earlier in the day, he narrowly beat the winter weather in New Jersey to visit family in Metairie.

"I was one of the last ones out of Newark to New Orleans. They canceled the rest. So I was lucky," Wilson said. "My flight was delayed two hours probably, but nothing to complain about. I'm home. That's what matters."

However, the rough winter weather in other parts of the country and other issues led to delays and even cancellations for some folks planning to fly out of the metro area.

Shateria Burgess scrambled to make new plans when her flight to St. Louis faced maintenance problems.

"My mom lives in St. Louis and I just had a baby, so, trying to let her see her grandson for the first time," she said. "(I'm going to) try to get another one I guess, otherwise, I'm hanging out here without family for Thanksgiving."

Digital flight display boards showed delays to several cities like San Francisco, Chicago and Houston. In at least one case that turned out to be a good thing.

"Our first flight (to Washington, DC) got canceled. We were supposed to leave here at 6:40 and we got bumped up to an earlier flight. So, it's actually been a blessing in disguise. So, Happy Thanksgiving to US Airways," said Susana Bobadilla.

Kristin Ammerman, heading home to Minneapolis, said she didn't see any challenges in her plans.

"As of right now, both of my flights are on time," she said. "So, that's all I can hope for, that it stays that way. So, we'll see."

As the West Point student Christopher Wilson embraced family members, he said he was thankful for the moment.

"There's no greater feeling in the world, sincerely. I miss them. I love them and I wouldn't be here without them," he said.