Young mother killed in St. Rose hit and run; loved ones searching for answers

ST. ROSE, LA (WVUE) - A young mother with a vibrant personality and strong love for family – it's one of many ways loved ones describe 25-year-old Christin Allday.

Early Thanksgiving morning, Allday's life was cut short just steps from her home.

According to State Police investigators, shortly before 1:45 a.m. Thursday, someone hit Christin as she walked across St. Rose Avenue in front of her home. The driver took off.

Christin's sister Chastity, who shares the home, heard the commotion and stepped outside to make the horrifying discovery.

"I just don't know how somebody could sleep at night knowing they did what they did, and they left her as if she were an animal in the street in front of her own home," Chastity said. "She had two little girls. She had a lot to live for."

Family members believe the crash happened moments after Christin's boyfriend dropped her off after a night out. Investigators said they're working new leads, but as of late Friday night, the driver's identity and vehicle description remained a mystery.

As loved ones searched for answers Friday, they also reflected on Christin's life.

"She had an outgoing personality. She could meet a stranger and be friends," said Sonya Allday, Christin's mother.

"(Christin) was very loud and outgoing. She had a personality all of her own. She had a good heart and loved everybody," Chastity said. "Christin is with many, many family members we've lost over the years. So, we know in our hearts that she is with them, and we are going to stick together as they are going to stick together in their resting place."

A fundraiser is planned for Saturday night at 7 PM at the Recovery Room on Jefferson Hwy. Local businesses donated items for a raffle, with proceeds going to funeral expenses.

Meanwhile, family members said the deadly incident follows numerous others along the same stretch of LA 626 / St. Rose Avenue.

"People fly up and down this road. It's not an interstate," Chastity said.

The Allday family believes excessive speed was a factor in Christin's death. Now, they're praying for a break in the case.

"Come forward and so, you know, we can find out why. Why didn't you stop," said sister Chelsea Allday, directing her comments toward the person behind the wheel Thursday.

"(Christin) was too young," her mother said. "She had her whole life ahead of her. She was my world."

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