NOPD investigate five armed robberies in two days

NOPD investigate five armed robberies in two days

NOPD detectives investigate five different armed robberies that took place in New Orleans between Friday and Saturday. One of them, on Bourbon Street, adds to a growing list of robberies that the NOPD says, are difficult to solve.

Working at Jester Daiquiris on Bourbon and Conti, Chris Sarauer and his co-workers have a front row seat to some unusual sights. "I have people that work here that have said they've seen people be mugged and like held up and stuff," Sarauer explained.

Early Friday morning, someone was robbed in the 300 block of Bourbon of their wallet and I-phone. Police are also investigating an armed robbery that happened at the same intersection, Bourbon and Conti, last Monday night. In that incident, the victim was held up by someone with a gun at 8:00 in the evening.

"What we know as crimes against persons like armed robberies, assaults, and rapes, are up," said Bob Simms, a French Quarter resident who tracks crime.

"They're looking for victims that come out of an establishment, have a little too much to drink and not quite aware of their surroundings," Simms said.

According to our data, there have been 14 armed robberies on Bourbon and Dauphine Streets since January. But the five that occurred since Friday are spread out all over the city.

In addition to the one on Bourbon, there was an incident at Palace and Dwyer, another in the 700 block of Carondelet, one on North Rocheblave where the victim was robbed of cash and their Dodge Charger and a hold up at Selma and Stemway where again, the victim was robbed of cash and their car.

According to the NOPD, armed robberies are up this year compared to last. The most difficult cases to solve, detectives say, are the ones happening in and around the French Quarter.

NOPD Deputy Chief Bob Bardy explains, "If you become a victim of an armed robbery and they snatch your I-phone and you're going back to Boston, are you coming back to prosecute, and they are quite aware of that, so it's really hard."

Back at Jester Daiquiris, Sarauer says he doesn't worry about his safety while behind the counter but leaving work for the night, is another story. "I live down Royal 15 minutes and you kinda hustle out of the quarter until you make it to your neighborhood where you feel a little bit safer," Sarauer said.

In each of the five incidents since Friday and Saturday, a gun was used as the weapon of choice by the perpetrators. Police haven't yet said if they've made any arrests.

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