Cyber Monday puts shoppers on guard at their computers

Cyber Monday puts shoppers on guard at their computers

If Santa made beignets, his workshop may be at Cafe Du Monde.

Kerry Swafford says she's been extra busy packing boxes since about a week ago.

"We started getting people ordering 20 baskets for other family and friends," she said.

It's Cyber Monday and orders at Cafe Du Monde's shipping headquarters on Decatur are sweet.

"We'll start getting calls today and we'll continue ramping up for the next two weeks as we get closer and closer to the holidays," said Jay Roman of Cafe Du Monde.

Before lunchtime, 100 packages had been ordered and calls were still coming in. On this day, shoppers are encouraged to sit down and log on. But sometimes, if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

"There are a lot of fake websites popping up you may want to be careful where you go and where you shop," said Nam Nguyen with Crescent City Cyber Security. He says scammers can also make you think there's a problem with your order or shipping. "They send an attachment. What they're trying to do is to get you to go ahead and open the attachment and the attachment has a malware virus and from there they attack your system."

The research firm Com Score says people are expected to spend about $2.5 billion on Cyber Monday alone. Nguyen suggest being cautious before you buy, starting with the web address you're logging onto. The "s" behind the "http" indicates a secure site

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