Officials: Beefed-up enforcement underway on Causeway

Officials: Beefed-up enforcement underway on Causeway

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - On the Causeway, especially during peak hours, traffic tends to flow together. Some drivers say the traffic often moves faster than the posted 65 mph speed limit.

"It's always bumper-to-bumper, and it's always 70-75 miles an hour," said driver Phil McManus.

Over the past year, numerous crashes have renewed safety concerns on the bridge, however. Last week, a vehicle plunged into the lake off the southbound span, killing the driver.Now, officials said they're tightening up their already strict focus on speeding and other violations.

"The Causeway is the most highly regulated roadway in the state. It's even more so recently," said Causeway General Manager Carlton Dufrechou. "There is enhanced enforcement on the Causeway, no two ways about it, and I would strongly recommend -- don't stretch the speed limits, don't tailgate, don't try to play the speed between the crossovers. There are officers all over the place."

Dufrechou said the best bet for drivers is to strictly adhere to the posted 65 mph limit on the bridge.

In a Facebook post, one driver said she found out the hard way that any idea of a speed cushion is incorrect, but she was ultimately let go with a warning.

With the busy holiday season upon us, and especially during weather events, officials simply urge caution.

"We had fog (Tuesday) morning and had to do a convoy operation. It looks like, from what I'm hearing from your folks and the National Weather Service, there's a strong potential for fog (Wednesday) and potentially later in the week too," Dufrechou said. "It's all about just driving carefully. Pay attention, watch the distance of the vehicles around you, drive the speed limit and you'll get back and forth across the bridge safely each and every day."

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