Orleans Civil Service wins legal round over new rules

Orleans Civil Service wins legal round over new rules

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - An Orleans Parish Civil Court judge issued a setback for hundreds of New Orleans city workers trying to block changes to the civil service system.

The workers are challenging the Civil Service Commission's proposal to get rid of the so-called "rule of three."

That rule forces department heads to hire one of the top three candidates up for a job.

But Tuesday afternoon, Kim Boyle, an attorney for the commission got Judge Ethel Simms Julien to agree that since no one has yet been harmed by the new rules, the legal challenge was premature.

"We understand that, but the law also allows us to prevent problems, and I would think if I was arguing the other side, I would want a clear and definitive rule, absent all challenges, to move forward," said Nick Felton, with the New Orleans Firefighters' Association.

Opponents to the new civil service rules say promotions will be made shortly and they predict they will be back in court once someone is passed over due to the new rules.

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