Kenny Stills emerges as go-to receiver for Saints

Kenny Stills emerges as go-to receiver for Saints

It was a career performance for Saints wide receiver Kenny Stills against the Steelers with 162 yards receiving, including his third touchdown of the season.

"You know coming back for my second year, I wanted to improve upon what I did last year, and the season is not over yet," Stills said. "I have a lot of work to do."

Running back Mark Ingram added, "He does it every day at practice. We know what type of player he is, how explosive he can be. When he goes out there and does it, it's not a surprise to me."

Over the past two weeks, Stills has been at his best, with a team-high 15 catches for 260 yards.

"As a receiver, I just try to do everything well. Whatever people say I can't do, I'm gonna try to do better," Stills said. "There's nothing specific I work on, just trying to be a great all-around receiver."

Head Coach Sean Payton added, "The first thing that's helped him is he's someone that picks things up quickly. With his skillset, he's a player that can run. It's important the way he's able to get out of cuts. For that first year, he was able to diagnose what we're doing in a pretty short period of time, I think helped him, especially Lance (Moore) and some of the veteran players he has been with. I would say those two things, he's really smart and has the skill set you're looking for."

The increase in production could not have come at a better time for New Orleans, especially with wideout Brandin Cooks, the first round pick, now out for the rest of this season. Quarterback Drew Brees was asked about Kenny Stills and said you can see his sharpened focus, a sense of swagger. Brees also gave him a unique title of "Problem Solver".

"In most cases when we install a new route or maybe a new route concept or just a variation of what we are doing we usually just kind of tell him and then just watch him go out and do it the way he sees it or feels it," Brees said. "He has a great feel for the game. He is a guy that you do not have to overcoach. I think he is also a guy too that I do not feel like there is any situation that is too big. He is a guy that can go out there with the same demeanor no matter what the season, no matter what the situation. He just does what is asked of him and makes the play and kind of rises to the occasion."

For the season, Stills has 44 receptions for a team-best for 691 yards and three touchdowns.

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