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Mayor introduces reorganized sex crimes unit, promises change

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Mayor Mitch Landrieu announced changes to the Police Department's sex crimes unit just weeks after a scathing report accused officers of ignoring rape and sex abuse cases.

Five officers singled out in the report have since been reassigned. They are accused of mishandling hundreds of rape and child abuse allegations that should have been investigated.

At a conference on rape response Wednesday, the mayor introduced several men and women who are now part of the reorganized unit. He acknowledged that there are some problems in the department that will take time to fix.

“You can't flip a switch,” he said. “We're dealing with human beings. People who have to be retrained, they have to be re-supervised, you have to set organizational structures in place that make sure that institutional change stays for the long period of time - that it's not just about the people who are in the positions but it's about the culture, as well.”

A task force is in charge of reviewing at least 270 cases that the inspector general said were improperly investigated.

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