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St. Claude neighbors call for better lighting near scene of deadly hit & run

Along North Claiborne near Clouet in the St. Claude area, passing headlights illuminate the corridor after sundown, but otherwise, neighbors say it's too dark.

A number of streetlights aren't working - a situation some people believe may have played a role in the death of two-year-old Christian Glover, who was killed in a hit-and-run accident Sunday evening.

“It's pitch black dark out here at night, and (the city) won't do nothing about it," said Jerome Johnson, who lives nearby. "They put lights out here on Louisa Street, but this the main highway, it's dark, you can't see anything when you're coming up the street here."

Police are still searching for the driver who hit Glover at around 5:15 p.m.

Over the past couple of days, NOPD officers have been targeting traffic violations along that stretch of N. Claiborne, issuing 54 citations, 38 of which tickets were for speeding.

Now, people in the area hope the focus will also shift to the lighting.

"It could have been prevented if there were lighting, a little bit more support for this area," said Christie Givens, principal at the child development center Glover attended. "We have another student who lives on this same street that was at our facility and I remember dropping him off one time and I was just like, wow, this is not a safe place for children, because, easily, they can go in the street. There's not lighting or anything."

Garnesha Crawford, Director of Communications for the City of New Orleans, sent the following statement about the situation Wednesday:

"Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Glover family following this tragic incident. We urge drivers to slow down and remain alert at all times to avoid incidents like this from happening again. The NOPD is actively investigating and upon its conclusion, the City will review the traffic coordination for this area and take necessary actions."

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