Will select, non-select prep model be challenged?

We've already crowned one prep football state champion in the Dome, and it looks like Calvary Christian is going to get the second title of the day. In the next week, nine schools will win it all, and that's due to a system that some feel is broken.

John Curtis is favored to hoist their 27th state title, but Jesuit, with its seven state titles, is a tough opponent to stop. At midnight, the Division 1 private schools champ will be crowned, but we won't know if they're the best big school.

"We're going to play Friday night, and there's going to be four state champions," Curtis Coach J.T Curtis. "We're going to be celebrating, people are going to be excited. Then a week later, we're going to crown five more. Then the controversy will start on who has the best team. It's going to start – 'well if you had to play this team, and we had to play this team' - and that's a shame. If I hope for one thing, it's to put this state back together. We can crown a state champion, a championship for each classification."

The select, non-select model has been in place since 2013. It's a two-year cycle, and it's up for for vote this spring. Right now, there's no evidence that this system will change, but jt hopes for a change to the past.

"We're educators, we're intelligent people," he said. "We should be able to solve our differences, come together, and compete in one of the best football states in the country. That's one of my big concerns. We've got great rules, great coaches, excellent programs. Let's not disintegrate that. Let's continue to work together to provide the best product possible for the kids and the fans.

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