In final push, Senate candidates urge supporters to get out the vote Saturday

In final push, Senate candidates urge supporters to get out the vote Saturday

The U.S. Senate candidates spent the final day before the runoff election campaigning in the New Orleans Area. Both Sen. Mary Landrieu and Congressman Bill Cassidy urged everyone to get out the vote on Saturday.

"Let's get up early, let's get up early in the morning. Let's claim victory. Let's claim victory!" Landrieu cheered to a crowd at Café Istanbul in the Bywater.

Recent polls show Cassidy in the lead, but in Metairie he warned the crowd not to be complacent - something Landrieu may be counting on.

"We are the exclamation mark. Now, you don't become an exclamation mark by winning 51 to 49. You become an exclamation mark by 'BOOM' winning big," Cassidy said.

"You know, we fight till the end. This is exactly how all my other races have felt. My opponents sit down, they think it's over with and we surprise them with a big vote and that's going to happen tomorrow," Landrieu said.

Landrieu said that energy will carry her back to the Senate.

"You can see the excitement - this has been 1,000 miles this week and in every part of the state it's been just like this," Landrieu said.

Cassidy believes the excitement is more focused behind finding a new political direction.

When FOX 8 asked, "Looking back over this long campaign season, what issues do you believe the people in the New Orleans area have really connected with you on?" Cassidy said, "It's amazing just how pervasive the Obamacare law is."

Cassidy's supporters were equally as loud when it came to his main sticking point.

In a call and response, Cassidy said, "and need I repeat it once more? Mary Landrieu votes with Barack Obama ..."

"97 percent of the time!" the crowd at his headquarters in Metairie yelled on Friday.

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