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After Further Review: Panthers weak attempt at motivation



That was my initial reaction when I read that Thomas Davis said the Saints ran the score up on them last year in the Dome.

He contends that when the Saints were up 31-6 they had the audacity to drop back and throw deep passes in the fourth quarter.

"They got a big lead on us and they were still dropping back trying to throw the ball deep," Davis said, via The Charlotte Observer. "That speaks volumes when you

have a team down and it's late in the fourth quarter and you're still trying to throw the ball deep."

"That's their offense. That's their team. They can run it, do whatever they want to do. But that's a sign of disrespect."

I'm sorry but that is just the weakest thing I've heard all year. I mean did a professional football actually say those words?

Plus, don't think Sean Payton ever forgot, when he was suspended, the shot Ron Rivera took at him about running up the score in 2011. And that was when the Saints took a knee on fourth down and Rivera told Payton after the game how classy he thought the

move was.

No way was Payton going to take his foot off the gas after that. Nor should he have to. This is the NFL. Everyone is getting paid a lot of money to win.

Plus, let's rewind to the scenario as well. Both the Panthers and Saints were battling for first place in the NFC South. Maybe I'm wrong, but perhaps Davis and Rivera shouldn't have been concerned with why the Saints were still throwing with a 25-point lead.

Instead, maybe they should have been concerned with why his team, in a divisional game in December, was down by 25 in the first place.

Fast forward to this year. The Panthers are in the midst of a seven game non-winning streak. One would think that would be their biggest motivation.

But it isn't. Instead it's they're playing the same old, lame 'the evil Saints ran the score up on us' card.

We'll find out today just how well that worked out for them.

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