New Orleans girl, 12, spreads in-flight Christmas cheer

New Orleans girl, 12, spreads in-flight Christmas cheer

(WVUE) - A 12-year-old New Orleans girl spreads Christmas cheer on board a Southwest Airlines flight from New Orleans to Dallas, Texas.

Mia Kylie Ditta, 12, was asked by a stewardess to sing a few Christmas carols over the intercom. The 12-year-old obliged, singing ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas' while flying over Louisiana.

She gave an encore performance just before landing in Dallas.

Mia Ditta is a singer and performer. She was en route with her mother to perform at Six Flags in Arlington, Texas.

"The performance brought on an encore and she sung a second song in the air prior to landing," said Jimme Ditta, Mia's father. "As they were leaving the plane, the captain asked if she would sing a second encore at the Southwest Airlines Terminal, and Mia didn't disappoint."

Passengers seemed to enjoy Mia's performances, holding up cell phones and recording the in-flight entertainment.

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