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Judge cites First Amendment in high-profile rape case ruling

An Orleans Parish Civil Court judge on Monday ruled against women's rights attorney Gloria Allred and the city in their effort to block information about a high-profile rape case.

At issue is a story that appeared in the Times-Picayune and on NOLA.com concerning the case being pursued by Allred. The news agency cited a supplemental report issued in the case that Allred said was illegally obtained and released.

But the judge refused to block the reporting, citing First Amendment guarantees of a free press.

“We have reported on the substance of the women's allegations,” Times-Picayune attorney Lori Mince. “That's important to people of this city, and we will continue to report on them.”

Allred said she was disappointed in the judge's ruling, saying the information released in the supplemental report was a violation of her client's rights. She also said she's more concerned than ever about the NOPD's handling of such sex crime cases.

The NOPD recently reopened dozens of rape cases after an inspector general's report found that many cases were improperly investigated.

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