Watch: Police issue drivers Christmas gifts instead of tickets

Watch: Police issue drivers Christmas gifts instead of tickets
Source: YouTube (City of Lowell)
Source: YouTube (City of Lowell)

(WVUE) - Unsuspecting drivers were pulled over for minor traffic violations, but they weren't issued tickets.

Instead, citizens of Lowell, Michigan received a gift from their Christmas wish list.

Video posted to YouTube Tuesday morning shows officer Scot VanSolkema pulling over various cars for minor traffic violations – offences officers don't normally stop people for.

It appears to be a routine traffic stop. However, VanSolkema asks motorists about their holiday shopping.

A team is listening in on the conversation inside a nearby store. After hearing a motorist mention a specific item, they take to the shelves. The team purchases the item and runs it out to officer VanSolkema.

The act of Christmas kindness is part of the #upliftsomeone campaign, a part of Christian-based UPtv's Christmas initiative.

"Most of the contact the police officers have with the general public is on a traffic stop and you can find a lot out about that person in that 10 to 15 minute window, whether they're having a good day, a bad day or a horrible day," Steve Bukala, Police Chief of Lowell, explains in the video. "And then we got this idea - what if we could change that person's day in real time? What if we could change that person's day right now?"

The police department states "while we don't encourage minor traffic violations, it's important for police departments to take the time to show their citizens just how much they care."

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