FOX 8 Defenders: Judge rules in limo company case

FOX 8 Defenders: Judge rules in limo company case

Nearly three months after a Louisiana Public Service Commission court hearing over "alleged violations" the FOX 8 Defenders uncovered in an ongoing investigation since May, an administrative law judge renders a ruling in the case. The judge fined AAA Louisiana Limo, a Marrero company doing business as Louisiana Limousine, Inc., a $2,000 fine.

The PSC, the state agency charged with licensing limos and limo buses, will now consider and vote on the administrative judge's draft order. The draft order requires Louisiana Limousine Inc. to pay a fine in the amount of $1,000 for each count, totaling $2,000 for two counts and a $25 citation fee for not being registered with the commission as a charter bus and no authority to operate as a passenger carrier.

"I don't know what they (PSC) expect will be different about this one.. you know why they can't do more than just the $2,000 fine?" a local consumer asked. She also asked not to be identified by name. She testified against Louisiana Limousine Inc. The FOX 8 Defenders first exposed her story in May. Then she explained how she was in tears on her wedding day when the white limo bus she reserved and paid for was more than an hour late. On top of that, a black and red school bus showed up for this local bride's wedding.

She explained her side of the story before a PSC administrative law judge in Baton Rouge in September. "I had already taken the day off of work, but it meant that I left a day later for vacation with my family," she explained. She and Cat Fonseca of Slidell both testified that day.

The stretch limo Fonseca paid for on her wedding day never even showed up. "I'm like ready.. at the front door.. like me and my bridesmaids, my dad.. we're all at the front door just waiting, thinking he's gonna pull up any minute and we're gonna go," explained Fonseca.

Sean Lewis and his limo company also had an opportunity to defend itself at that hearing, but the consumers tell us he never appeared, and PSC hearing documents confirm that.

"These people that he does actually pick up and they get on his buses.. you know, they may be in danger," the first bridge pointed out.

None of the consumers who's stories we've exposed, including others who were not part of that hearing have received refunds.

They all agree, what's more frightening because this company isn't registered with the commission, it means no one's checking for insurance, and vehicles aren't getting annual inspections on things like tires and emergency exits.

FOX 8 called Louisiana Limousine, Inc. for comment, but no one answered. We do know however that they are still offering rides. Consumers who've booked with Louisiana Limousine in the past received emails from the company recently, saying they're now available in 40 markets across the U.S.

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