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Jazzy new center in Treme' schools kids on music and tradition

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Center, Treme New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Center, Treme

There's a lot more to Jazz Fest than famous artists, bands and crawfish Monica. Today, the Jazz and Heritage Foundation made an investment of music in the form of an education center on Rampart Street.

George Wein, 89, of New York, stood up front when dignitaries cut the ribbon. Wein founded Jazz Fest in 1970.

"When we started Jazz Fest we were hoping to get 300 people to hear their own music," he said. "This is the final crown to show the culture of New Orleans is an important issue."

The building is a state-of-the-art masterpiece. Of the $9 million investment, $6 million comes from the Jazz and Heritage Foundation. Quint Davis of Festival Productions said that was the goal of the festival all along.

"That someday as it made excess funds, it would go back to the culture that we were celebrating to help support that culture and help grow that culture," Davis said.

The 12,000 square feet of space has seven classrooms and a 200-seat auditorium. Soon, children will take music classes at the new facility free of charge.

"There's a piano room and a drum room with a whole lot of drums," Davis said ticking off the endless possibilities.

Scott Aiges of the Jazz and Heritage Festival and Foundation said every room in the building is hard-wired into a control room for audio and video capture.

"The building is essentially a giant recording studio and film studio," he said.

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