Sheriff's deputy indicted in alleged gang-related stabbing in OPP

Sheriff's deputy indicted in alleged gang-related stabbing in OPP

An Orleans criminal sheriff's deputy was indicted Thursday - along with eight inmates - in connection with an alleged gang-related stabbing inside Orleans Parish Prison.

Bond is set at $750,000 for deputy John Dupart, who is accused of stabbing an inmate he was supposed to be guarding.

Dupart's attorney, Jeffrey Smith, said he would file for a bond reduction immediately.

The grand jury indicted Dupart in the Sept. 13 stabbing of inmate Terrance Lee. Dupart faces malfeasance in office and aggravated battery.

"I think it's a high bond," said Smith. "They're alleging gang members, but John Dupart is not a gang member, and he's a good law enforcement officer."

The grand jury also indicted inmates Marvin Banks, Joshua Domino, Lonnie Ingram Jr., Frederick Johnson, Tyrone Knockum and Darrius Knox. on a charge of attempted second-degree murder. Each was given a $500,000 bond. A source said some have ties to the notorious 3NG gang. Two other inmates, Clay Alfred and Cody Williams, were indicted on a charge of obstruction of justice. Their bonds were set at $300,000.

One veteran law enforcement officer told FOX 8 that gang violence inside that jail is nothing new. He said you put that many killers, drug dealers and thieves in one place, and problems are bound to happen.

Dupart's attorney said the deputy is well-known at Tulane and Broad.

"Everyone knows him," Smith said. "I see him in jail, in the courts, and he's well liked by everybody."

Sheriff's spokesman Phil Stelly said Dupart is being held in a different section of the jail for his own protection. He's set to appear before Judge Keva Landrum Johnson on Tuesday.

A source said this case could actually be a sign of change at the prison, thanks to investigators who were put in place under the consent decree. 
Multiple sources said Dupart didn't actually stab Lee, but may have left a door open to allow the other armed inmates in.

Lee survived his stab wounds and is no longer in jail.

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