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Ex-Saint Darren Sharper, 2 others indicted on rape charges in N.O.

Darren Sharper Darren Sharper
Erik Nunez Erik Nunez
Former St. Bernard Parish Sgt. Brandon Licciardi Former St. Bernard Parish Sgt. Brandon Licciardi

Former Saints player Darren Sharper and his alleged accomplice, Erik Nunez, were indicted Friday on two counts of aggravated rape by an Orleans Parish Criminal Court grand jury. 

This was a nine count indictment handed out by the grand jury early Friday morning. Darren Sharper is now indicted on two counts of aggravated rape and one count of simple rape. Nunez, who was originally picked up on an arrest warrant with Sharper back in February, is now indicted on two counts of aggravated rape and one count of obstruction of justice.

In addition, former St. Bernard Parish Sgt. Brandon Licciardi is indicted on three counts of human trafficking, one count of aggravated rape and aggravated battery. According to the indictment, on three separate occasions Licciardi allegedly provided another person to Sharper or Nunez through fraud or forced to provide sexual conduct.

Shortly after learning of his indictment, Licciardi resigned from the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff's Office through a letter. He had been re-assigned to non law enforcement administrative duties on June 19 after sheriffs learned of a pending investigation involving him.

Sharper was already in a California jail as the judge issued an arrest warrant for both Licciardi and Nunez on Friday.

A judge set Sharper's bond at $2.5 million. Nunez also has a $2.5 million bond. Licciardi's bond was set at $2.9 million.

It was late February when the New Orleans Police Department obtained an arrest warrant for Sharper and Nunez.

Both are accused of raping two women in Sharper's apartment across the street from the Renaissance Hotel in the Warehouse District. The rapes allegedly happened in September of 2013.

Licciardi is accused of bringing the women to Sharper and Nunez. Sources told FOX 8 back in June that Licciardi received a search warrant for his DNA.

According to court records, the Orleans Parish District Attorney's office subpoenaed all guest history records for Sharper at the Renaissance Hotel and also asked for key car information and security video that shows Sharper and Licciardi.

Nunez's attorney said he thinks his client is a "pawn in this whole matter."

Sharper has been locked up in a Los Angeles jail since late February, where he's already pleaded not guilty to rape and drug charges. Meanwhile, an Arizona grand jury indicted him for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting two women last November.

Sharper is also being investigated for similar charges in Nevada and Arizona.

Sharper is awaiting his next hearing in California. He is charged there with drugging and raping two women in Los Angeles County.

According to Louisiana law, a conviction for aggravated rape carries a mandatory life sentence.

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