Fans shocked by Sharper's indictment; legal analyst weighs in

Fans shocked by Sharper's indictment; legal analyst weighs in

Darren Sharper was a star player during his time with the New Orleans Saints, but the shine has been taken off his celebrity because of the two indictments he has been hit with.

"I think what came into play is a lot of victims coming forward and saying that they were raped by him," said FOX 8 legal analyst Joe Raspanti. "I think when you get down to it, you can be a celebrity or not, but if you have the facts lined up against you...that's his biggest problem.”

Many fans were caught off guard Friday by the indictments.

"I'm shocked,” said one female fan.

"You're innocent until proven guilty,” said a male fan.

For months, Sharper has been behind bars in California on charges that he drugged and raped two women there. He also faces sexual assault allegations in Arizona and remains under investigation in Las Vegas. And now he is under indictment for multiple alleged rapes in the city where he made winning moves on the football field.

"Very disappointed,” stated a fan.

And Sharper's charges go beyond state court in Louisiana. Within hours of the state grand jury handing up its indictment, a federal grand jury indicted Sharper for allegedly distributing illegal drugs with the intent to commit rape.

"It looks like everybody took their time to get it lined up straight, so I'd be surprised if either the state or the feds didn't have a good case lined up to go forward,” said Raspanti.

But some fans continue to give Sharper the benefit of the doubt.

"The allegations that they've got against him, Darren Sharper, would you think that it has anything to do with money?" he asked.

Questions aside, Sharper has a lot on the line, given the charges he now faces in New Orleans.

"Aggravated rape is about as serious as it gets," Raspanti said. "Everybody that's charged with aggravated rape is looking at a life sentence here in Louisiana.”

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