NOPD investigating rash of car burglaries in Algiers

NOPD investigating rash of car burglaries in Algiers

Thieves are targeting an Algiers neighborhood, stealing electronics, cash and even guns from resident's cars.

New Orleans police are focusing their attention on the Aurora West neighborhood. That's where they've had several reported car burglaries this past week.

Resident Leslie Green says, "I do think it's awful that we've been having a rash of robberies in the neighborhood."

Green's neighbor was hit. After that, she warned her daughter. "I know that my daughter had a bad habit of keeping her windows down and her car unlocked so I definitely made sure that I told her that," Green explained.

Resident Byron Lee says he's no stranger to being robbed over the years. "It's happened probably three or four times," Lee said.

But Lee eventually learned he had to lock his car doors at night. It's simple advice he says his neighbors need to adhere to.

Police say during the course of the past week, thieves took electronics and guns from mostly unlocked cars.

Resident Elvin Green says, "Guns, you shouldn't even have them in your car."

"Guns in the wrong hands, in my opinion, it brings more crime," said Leslie Green.

Leslie and her husband believe there's something the City of New Orleans can do to help deter the incidents. "Our street is so dark because of the trees, we have a ton of oak trees going down. If the city would come trim the trees back from some of the street lights, it would provide more lighting," Elvin Green said.

Jeff Waguespack says he knows crimes of opportunity rise around the holidays when people become more desperate for cash so he and his wife are constantly reminding each other not to leave gifts in plain view in their car. If they do, they make sure the vehicle is secure. "Every year around this time of year, you have too many gifts you want to bring in the house so like the other day, we left some stuff out here and had to run out and make sure the car was locked," Waguespack said.

Police also suggest setting your vehicle's alarm so if someone does try to open a door handle, they'll hopefully be scared off.

According to police most of this past week's burglaries have happened between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m.

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