St. Bernard Parish president and ex-wife in court over gag order

St. Bernard Parish president and ex-wife in court over gag order

St. Bernard Parish President Dave Peralta and his ex-wife were face to face Monday over allegations she violated a gag order in the criminal case against him.

Peralta's attorney claims Schaefer spoke to the media after a judge instructed her not to do so, meaning she could be held in contempt of court.

Peralta faces a charge of sexual battery in St. Bernard Parish. He pleaded not guilty this summer. Schaefer hired attorney Stephen Rue, who filed a civil lawsuit against Peralta on her behalf. Rue is accused of speaking to the media about Schaefer and Peralta after he filed the lawsuit which the defense says violates the gag order.

Rue was subpoenaed to testify but did not show up to court. Schaeffer is accused of violating the gag order over the summer after a St. Tammany Parish grand jury indicted Peralta on a charge of stalking. But on the stand Monday, a very emotional Schaefer said she did not reveal anything about the case and only answered a question about how she was feeling.

"When they asked me about being terrorized and stalked by that man, absolutely, because I have every right to say how afraid I am of him," Schaefer said. "He's a monster that should be locked up."

Because Rue did not show up, the judge deferred any decision on the matter until January. He said if rue doesn't show up to testify in January, he could issue a warrant for his arrest.

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