Henderson: A breakdown of the 'much needed win' for the Saints

Henderson: A breakdown of the 'much needed win' for the Saints

(WVUE) - New Orleans Saints' head coach Sean Payton admits to some squandered opportunities during Monday night's showdown against the Chicago Bears. However, they still managed to snag a big win.

"It was a much needed win," said Jim Henderson. "The team did what they need to do to win. It was a solid victory of a team that's had its own problems. The Saints had a great game plan; the Bears were missing their best wide receiver."

Drew Brees had his head in the game, completing 29 of 36 passes and reached the 4,000 mark for the ninth year. So what was different from last week?

"He didn't take many chances with the ball," explained Henderson. "He had a lot of open receivers and spread the ball around. The Bears have had a propensity of turning the ball over. Jay Cutler is the second most guilty quarterback of turning the ball over in the first half. Brees did not throw an interception and the Saints only had one turnover."

Heading into the final two weeks of the season, what do the Saints need to look out for against Atlanta?

"They need to maintain ball control. The Falcons are weak in the pass themselves."

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