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Judge lowers bond for guard accused ignoring jailhouse shanking

John Dupart (Source: OPSO) John Dupart (Source: OPSO)

An Orleans Parish Prison guard, suspended last week, is expected to be released from jail after he was arrested in a prison stabbing incident last week.

A criminal court judge reduced the bond for John Dupart by $650,000, after receiving assurances that he is not a flight risk.

Dupart was dressed in prison orange Tuesday morning as he appeared with six co-defendants, also in jumpsuits, and accused in a September gang-related prison stabbing incident.

All seven defendants entered not guilty pleas in the incident in which inmate Terrance Lee was shanked. Dupart is charged with malfeasance in office and aggravated battery. A state indictment alleges that he left a door open to allow several inmates, some with alleged ties to the 3NG gang, to stab Lee.

But Dupart's attorney argued for a bond reduction, saying his client was no gang member.

"Hit us with your best shot. Let's go to trial," attorney Jeffery Smith said. "He's a good officer and shouldn't be charged with any felony or any charge."

A discovery hearing is set for January.

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