$50,000 reward goes uncollected in armored car driver murder

$50,000 reward goes uncollected in armored car driver murder
Person of interest (Source: NOPD)
Person of interest (Source: NOPD)

The family of a slain armored car driver is reaching out to the public for help in solving his murder - exactly one year later. Despite a number of promising leads, authorities have made no arrests.

"He loved everyone around him," said Hector Trochez's cousin, Sofia Zelaya. "He was passionate about life, and his job and his family."

That family is still searching for answers. Three gunmen in an orchestrated attack ambushed Trochez outside his armored car and got away with thousands of dollars. There is a person of interest and DNA evidence.

"The person might not be in the database, and might not be a local," said LSU criminologist Peter Sharf.

New Orleans police say the FBI is the lead agency in this case, but Sharf says the bureau is being pulled in many directions.

"There are other priorities the FBI is facing, as well, with cybercrime, and terrorism threats," Sharf said.

The FBI says agents are making "significant progress," but the bureau still wants the public to call in with any leads.

"One thing we know is they didn't leave a bunch of trails, or they might be in jail right now," said Sharf.

Zelaya said Trochez's mother thinks about her son daily. To mark the anniversary, relatives went to visit her in Miami and Zelaya said she could hardly look at them without breaking down in tears.

"There's no words that can heal a mother's broken heart," said Zelaya.

She is pleading with anyone who knows anything to come forward.

"Please give his co-workers and mother peace of mind - that he didn't die in vain," said Zelaya. "And these people need to pay for what they've done."

Sharf said there's hope.

"They'll get him, but some of these cases go decades," he said.

That's a time frame the Trochez family hopes will be much shorter. Anyone with information is asked to call Crimestoppers at (504) 822 1111. The reward stands at $50,000.

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