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In hearing full of lurid details, bond denied for alleged Darren Sharper accomplice

Brandon Licciardi (FOX 8 photo) Brandon Licciardi (FOX 8 photo)

A Thursday hearing to determine whether bond should be granted for a former St. Bernard Parish sheriff's deputy indicted in connection with the Darren Sharper rape case elicited allegations by prosecutors that shocked some in the courtroom.

After hearing testimony that Brandon Licciardi allegedly beat his girlfriend until she couldn't walk, dealt in club drugs like bath salts and "Molly" and worked for a Chalmette bookie, a federal judge denied bond.

Licciardi's lawyer argued that as a former deputy with no prior criminal record, Licciardi should be presumed innocent.

A federal grand jury indicted Licciardi and former New Orleans Saint Darren Sharper in connection with alleged rapes. Licciardi is charged with distributing drugs with the intent to commit rape, two counts of witness tampering and one count of impeding an investigation. He pleaded not guilty.

In court, FBI agents alleged that Sharper and Licciardi texted in a sort of code to indicate that a girl was sufficiently drugged, with messages like "she's ready" and "she's under the potion."

Licciardi is also indicted on state charges for aggravated rape and human trafficking. His bond on those charges is set at $2.9 million.

Another hearing is set Friday for a third man in the case, Eric Nunez, who also faces rape charges.

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