DHH: St. John water system tests negative for deadly amoeba

DHH: St. John water system tests negative for deadly amoeba

The Department of Health and Hospitals has confirmed results from water samples taken earlier this month in Water District #1 have tested negative for the presence of Naegleria fowleri amoeba.

State health officials credit Parish compliance with higher chlorine levels in Water District #1, which includes Reserve, Garyville, Mt. Airy and West 5th St. from Apricot St. to Acorn St, for eliminating the amoeba. They state the water is safe for all uses.

The St. John Parish Utilities Department will continue a 1.0 mg/l free chlorine treatment and plan to switch back to a chloramine system after January 1. Residents will be notified of the change in advance.

Since the detection of amoeba on August 27, vigorous measures were taken to eliminate the organism from the water system.

A chlorine burn was administered for 60 days in the affected district; over 20 automatic flushers were added; and all water lines flushed with additional chlorine.

Water towers were also drained, treated and refilled.

Daily samples at the Point of Entry and the Maximum Resident Time will continue to be recorded and submitted to DHH for all Parish water systems.

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