Elderly woman terrorized in Central City home

Elderly woman terrorized in Central City home

He knocked on the door of her Washington Avenue apartment claiming to be measuring for a rug. The 90-year old woman let the man in and says he took a long time with the measurements.

"Next thing he did, he turned around and he grabbed the drawer, he start searching, he grabbed the drawer, my dresser drawer," she says. "He looked in there and saw that money, that rent money and that light money."

$600 for rent and power gone.

It happened on the first week of December.

Friday afternoon, New Orleans Police say he returned, this time holding a sprayer and claiming to be an exterminator. The woman let him inside.

"He don't let you see his face," she says. "He put that hood here, all the way there and he holds it tight to his face real tight and then when he bent over and I come to say, this is the same man. I said, 'Hey, let me see you face and when I said that he grabbed me and pushed me down."

She says the man began choking her by trying to stuff a shirt down her throat. Then he used his hands.

"I said you're choking me," she says. "One time I thought I was gone. I really thought I was gone because I could feel myself drifting off. And I said let me up, let me up. And he snatched me up but he wouldn't turn me loose, he kept a good grip on me."

She says the man finally let her go with a threat that he'd return.

"I want money and you better have it or I'll kill you."

The property manager says he encourages residents to keep this gate closed and locked and the complex plans to install security cameras in the next couple of weeks.

The woman fears he'll make good on his threat.

"After I first told him, I said you took my money, he didn't disown it. He said I want some more. That's all he did, he said I want some more. He could have said I'm sorry, I won't do it again. But he said all I want is some more."

So she's keeping the door locked and hopes police will soon make an arrest.

If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers at 822-1111.