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Saints fans look ahead to next season after loss to Atlanta

With dreams of the playoffs crushed, Saints fans try to figure out what happened to the season, and how it all ended so soon.

Even Santa Claus couldn't pull off a Christmas miracle inside the Mercedes-Benz Superdome Sunday.

“I promised a victory to everybody and I'm sort of ashamed of myself for that,” Santa said.

Fan Eric Walker adds, “It's like we don't have a home field advantage anymore, I don't understand it.”

“Five straight home losses, I mean that's unacceptable,” Alan Webber said.

Coming up short against Atlanta not only means another loss for the Saints but wipes out any chance of playoff action. Fans are left scratching their heads, looking for answers as to what went so horribly wrong.

“I don't know what happened to us this year, maybe all the injuries caught up with us on defense,” Taylor Fogleman commented.

“We need more muscle in the defense and offensive line. We don't have anybody to stop, we can't get pressure on the quarterback and we can't open holes for the running back,” Walter said.

Webber adds, “We've got certain players that are making too much money that are not earning their keep.”

Some say it's too soon to dissect the season, they just need a break from football. But they won't ever denounce the team, in fact, most agree, they're Who Dats for life, through good times, and bad.

“We're disappointed but we grew up, there's always next year, that's how we grew up and what we believe, we'll always be Who Dats,” said fan Mandy Lagergren.

“We've come a long way, everybody has faith so we'll be alright,” Fogleman explained.

While it's not the way most fans wanted to start this holiday week, the timing of the loss may actually help heal the sting it causes. Walter says, “The Christmas spirit will get me through.”

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