Nicondra: Cloudy and chilly to start the holiday week

Nicondra: Cloudy and chilly to start the holiday week

It's the Winter's solstice. Winter officially beginning at 5:03 Central Time and while we are working on the shortest day of the year with just 10 hours and 13 minutes of daylight it was kind of hard to tell the difference as the overcast skies didn't allow much sunshine through on Sunday. Now we have felt like winter for a while. Meteorologically you start to feel the cold late November with the coldest average temperatures lasting into the end of February.

The cloudy weather will stick around for the start of the week making for a bit of a dreary start to the lead up into the Christmas holiday. There is a positive twist though as the cool damp conditions will push out just in time for Christmas Eve. Now for the bad news we will get wet and possibly see some severe weather on the way there.

Showers are staying off shore, but will start to creep inland late Sunday evening. Only expect a little coverage with more folks getting in on the rain as moisture continues to stream northeast across Mexico and the northern Gulf of Mexico. Monday brings a little more coverage rain wise and plenty of cloud cover. It will be even warmer with winds at the surface becoming southerly ahead of the next cold front. That front moves in during the day on Tuesday. The storm prediction center places most of the area in a slight risk for severe weather. Expect some strong storms with heavy rain, hail and high winds. We will have to make it past the nasty weather in order to get a Christmas treat.

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