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Bourbon Street shooting raises security concerns again

As people milled about on Bourbon Street Sunday afternoon, New Orleans Police checked businesses for surveillance video. The officers wanted information about a shooting that happened Sunday morning.

Police say a man got into an argument with Wendell Butler over their girlfriends just before 8 a.m.

According to police, Butler pulled out a gun and shot the 43-year old man in the arm and leg. One tourist heard talk about the shooting at the hotel where he's staying.

“You an go to any city in America and there's going to be some crime and some things happen,” says Darryl Hill, a visitor from Houston. “I've never come down here and not felt safe.”

But safety in the French Quarter remains a concern after a string of armed robberies and attacks NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison deployed 200 officers to the Quarter for the busy football weekend.

French Quarter Business League President Alex Fein says the presence of state police is missed.

“It was definitely a marked improvement when they were here and it's noticeably different since they've been gone,” says Fein. “That's why we've been working hard trying to put money up and get things done to get more police down here to try to better the image and make it safer, not just for tourists but for locals and all of our employees.”

The league is still working with the city to finalize plans for additional patrols. Businesses will pay for off-duty officers to help beef up presence on these streets.

Members hope when they get that agreement in place with the city, they'll be able to triple the number of officers in this neighborhood.

Fein says it's vital to get more police in the Quarter quickly.

“The longer this goes on, the harder it's going to be for us to turn it around, I would think,” says Fein.

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