Big toy ideas for the last-minute shopper

Big toy ideas for the last-minute shopper

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - It's just a few days before Christmas, but there are lots of Santa's helpers still running around. FOX 8 stopped in at a local toy store to get suggestions for the last-minute shopper.

Sometimes you don't just quite know what Santa's supposed to have in his sack, so we talked to Liz Wood at La Jouet Toy and Bike shop. Liz told us about some of the really cool things customers are picking up this year.

"We have lots of things," she said. "To start, we have Roominate. This is promoting girls to learn about circuitry and wiring and building, so it's girly and fun, yet extremely educational."

She also showed us Headbandz, a group party game you play like Charades.

"You put a band on your head with a card, and you don't know what the card says, but everyone around you knows and is giving hints" Wood said. "Anyway, it ends up getting fun in the end and very, very interesting to say the least."

Magformers are magnetic tiles you can use to build different geometric shapes. Some of the kits let kids put together cars and others light up. A lot of the newer finds are engineering and building kits. The Goldiblocks are another product geared towards girls.

"This is just one of about four or five different sets," Wood said. "It comes with a book and the book explains the story, and as the story is going, you build whatever the scene is based on how the story is going. It's fun and you can see it uses tinker toyish pieces, but not tinker toys."

Some of Le Jouet's most popular items are classic toys like the Lite Bright and Spirograph.

"It's fun, not just educational," Wood said. "So we do like to keep it light. We still sell tons of bikes. Bikes are one of our biggest, and in fact we are almost out of kid's bikes right now. Books - we can't do enough with books. More local authors than ever."

One interesting thing to note people in the toy industry say there isn't just one big must have at the top of everyone's list for 2014.

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