Police seek truck in fatal I-10 hit-and-run

Police seek truck in fatal I-10 hit-and-run

Police said 35-year-old Kimberly McGee was traveling westbound on Interstate 10 when police say her SUV collided with another SUV near the Morrison Road exit.

"Of the two SUV's , one stayed on the right side of the roadway and the other was positioned against the guardrail on other side," said Lt. Anthony Michoud.

Police said McGee got out of her vehicle and crossed over the interstate lanes, possibly to talk to the other driver.

As she tried to cross back over, police say a 48-year-old man driving a pickup truck saw McGee in the roadway and swerved to avoid her. His vehicle began to spin and came to rest next to McGee's SUV.

Moments later, police said a witness saw a navy Ford F-150 dragging McGee down the interstate.

"We do know that a witness to the actual accident observed the vehicle off of I-610 and Broad and then lost the vehicle somewhere around Hope and O'Connor," said Michoud.

Police found McGee more than 300 yards away from the accident scene. She died at the hospital.

Police are still investigating, and they aren't sure who hit McGee. They're hoping to find the F-150 seen by a witness.

"These accidents occur because it's dark," Michoud said. Sometimes there are turns in the road, and a lot can happen. We've seen pedestrians killed exiting their vehicles."

The NOPD said anyone involved in an accident on the interstate should first move their vehicle out of the roadway, and should never get out. They say remain with your seatbelt on and wait for help to arrive.

Investigators said the truck they are looking for has a Mississippi plate number KA7155.

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