Victim in Marigny carjacking has advice for others

Victim in Marigny carjacking has advice for others

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Surveillance video from the 800 block of Mandeville Street shows an unsuspecting victim parking her car.

"It was just about 7:30 Monday night and I was just getting back from the grocery store," said the victim, whom FOX 8 is not identifying.

The video shows the victim getting out of her car. Moments later, three men are running toward her.

"There were at least two guns, and as soon as I saw them running towards me, I knew it wasn't good," she said.

The victim was in shock as the gunmen yelled for her car keys and wallet.

"I was absolutely terrified that I'd be shot and I didn't even see their faces. All I saw was the guns," she said.

She said she handed over her car keys and thought that they'd take off, but, it didn't end there.

"They were going to leave without my phone, and then the guy who was driving said 'get everything.' He said, 'get her phone' and the other one came out to get my phone," she said.

That's when she began backing up across the street while one of the gunmen pressed toward her.

"I told him 'no, you can't have my phone,'" she said. "I told him three times, but he kept getting closer with the gun, so I just gave him my phone."

"It's really unfortunate. The neighborhood is usually pretty safe, and I walk around here all the time," said Marigny resident Eric Parrie.

Parrie said the neighborhood is a pretty busy place, and he was shocked to hear about the carjacking.

"I mean, you'll see people walking their dogs. A lot of families are always walking around," he said.

The victim says the NOPD responded immediately and began investigating. Within two hours, officers found her vehicle in good condition.

As she looks back on the terrifying ordeal, she has advice for anyone who finds themselves in the same position.

"I don't think there's anything I could have done to change it," she said. "I think I did the best thing I could, which is to comply. I would tell people to be careful and always look around, but in the worst-case scenario - which this was - is to just comply. You can't put a price on your life."

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