Two OPSO deputies, six NOPD officers travel to NYC for slain NYPD officer's funeral

Two OPSO deputies, six NOPD officers travel to NYC for slain NYPD officer's funeral

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Members of NOPD and the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office joined tens of thousands of law enforcement officials from around the country in New York City for the funeral of NYPD Officer Rafael Ramos.

Officer Ramos and his partner were killed by a man who claimed to be retaliating for the recent officer involved deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Gardner. The shooter committed suicide.

"He was a New York City police officer and he was, he is an hero," NYPD Commissioner William Bratton said Saturday.

Officers from all corners of the country stood together in New York City expressing their agreement with Bratton that Ramos, who is described as a selfless, compassionate man studying to be a pastor, will always be a hero.

Included in the crowd were two members of the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office: Major Ken Scott from the Reserve Division, and Deputy Gene Law with the electronic monitoring program.

"As a law enforcement officer, any and every day you put your life on the line out here to protect and serve, and to come together like this for someone who lost their life in the line of duty, it was very important to our department to make sure we represent and show our support for them," Law said.

In a phone call with Fox 8 News from the corner of Cooper Street and Myrtle Street, just a mile from where the funeral took place, Major Scott described how important it is to connect with other law enforcement officers.

"We need that support right now, we're going through a lot of things throughout the country, a lot of negative issues going on with law enforcement, but we need to be able to see we have support and be able to band together," Scott said.

Officers nationwide have been on alert after protests in response to officer involved deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and Eric Garner in New York City sparked threats of violence.

One threat was carried out, which took the lives Officer Rafael Ramos and his partner Wenjian Liu.

However, Scott said every citizen he and Deputy Law interacted with along the funeral procession route were promoting reconciliation.

"You would be surprised. The public is so supportive. They're all outside, offering homes with drinks, offering homes to charge your phone," Scott said.

Citizens and Officers together paid respects to the families of the fallen and to those who will continue to serve and protect around the country.

"The comradery, the togetherness of all different law enforcements across the U.S., it was heart wrenching to see everybody come together," Law said.

According to the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office, Law and Scott flew to NYC courtesy of JetBlue Airways.

In a press release, Sheriff Marlin N. Gusman said, "It is important for the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office to attend tomorrow's services to express our condolences to the Ramos family and to demonstrate that we are committed to the safety of law enforcement personnel and citizens in all cases."

A spokesperson for the New Orleans Police Department said NOPD sent a contingent of six officers, and four of those officers rode motorcycles in the funeral procession.

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