Hitchhikers steal limousine from funeral home, take it on joyride

Hitchhikers steal limousine from funeral home, take it on joyride

PIERRE PART, LA (WVUE) - Two teen hitchhikers have been arrested after allegedly stealing a limousine from a funeral home.

Trey Hebert, 18, and Brandon Morris, 17, were arrested on Monday afternoon.

Assumption Parish deputies first received reports that a white limo was driving recklessly on Monday morning. The limo allegedly nearly ran a vehicle off the road around 6 a.m. and then turned its lights off as it fled the scene.

Deputies were able to locate the suspect vehicle around 8 a.m. on James Street in Pierre Part. No one was inside of the limousine.

An investigation revealed that the limousine belonged to Williams and Southall Funeral Home in Napoleonville. Officers say that no one had permission to use or take the vehicle.

Detectives say they were able to link Hebert and Morris to the theft following complaints from earlier that morning. Officers say the pair was taken to Assumption Community Hospital in Napoleonville by Acadian Ambulance. It is unclear what they were initially taken to the hospital for. Afterwards, with no ride home, detectives say they began to hitchhike their way to Pierre Part.

Upon finding the limousine and its keys inside, officers say the teens stole it and drove back to Pierre Part and parked the car at the end of James Street.

Hebert and Morris were booked in the Assumption Parish Detention Center on felony auto theft charges. Bond has not been set.

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