Nicondra: Wet, warm weekend to start new year

Nicondra: Wet, warm weekend to start new year

Light to moderate showers continue to push across southeast Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf coast. There was enough moisture in the warm moist air interacting with colder water temperatures to prompt a dense fog advisory into Saturday morning at 9 am.

The scattered showers continued through the overnight and into the day with a surge of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. Southeasterly winds will become southerly pushing in even more Gulf air. That moisture combined with an upper low to our west places us in prime position for showers and heavier storms as we head into Saturday afternoon.

Even with the cloudy, wet weather temperatures made it all the way into the middle 70s on Friday and will again for Saturday. There will be some breaks in the rain, especially during the early part of the day. Most of the storms come in with a cold front late afternoon into the evening.

The Storm Prediction Center places most of the area in a marginal risk for severe weather with a slight risk covering parts of the Mississippi Gulf Coast and North Shore. Stay on alert through the day as although the set up isn't incredibly impressive there is some potential for damaging winds ahead of or with the front. Sunday the rain dries out as the front moves past the area, but clouds will remain for most of the day.

Monday expect clouds to clear out late with dry and colder weather to start the week.

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- Meteorologist Nicondra Norwood