Saints player Junior Galette arrested in Kenner for domestic violence

Saints player Junior Galette arrested in Kenner for domestic violence
Terrance Banks of Newark, NJ (Source: Kenner Police Dept.)
Terrance Banks of Newark, NJ (Source: Kenner Police Dept.)

KENNER, LA (WVUE) - New Orleans Saints linebacker Junior Galette has been arrested for simple battery domestic violence, according to Kenner police spokesman Lt. Brian McGregor.

Police say Galette and his cousin, Terrance Banks, were taken into custody Monday morning. The charge stems from an incident that happened at Galette's Kenner home earlier in the morning. The victim alleges Galette and Banks pushed her to the ground when she refused to leave the house because no one would give her cab money. Police say the victim had scratch marks and an earring was ripped out.

According to police, the woman woke Galette asking for money. Galette told Banks to take care of her request, at which time the three began to argue. Galette shoved the woman twice and she fell to the ground, police said. Galette and Banks then got on the victim to the point she had trouble breathing, police said.

The victim armed herself with a knife in self-defense, according to police. Galette then began recording the incident on his cell phone. The woman was physically removed from the house by Banks. She was able to contact police for help. Police are now searching the phone for evidence.

"Junior and Terrance jumped me. Junior wanted me to leave the house. I woke Junior up and told him to give me some money for a cab. He woke up his cousin Terrance and told him to take care of it. Then, they said they wasn't giving me anything and to leave the house. We started arguing and Junior pushed me," the victim said in a statement to police.

Police said the victim told investigators she had been seeing Galette for two years, but not in a romantic capacity. She said she does chores for him. Galette also told police the woman is a dancer.

McGregor said Galette got angry when he realized he was going to be arrested.

"He was verbally combative. (He was) combative towards the officer and called him a few names," McGregor said.

Saints spokesman Greg Bensel said the team is aware of the situation and still in the process of gaining information.

The charge is a misdemeanor. Galette bonded out Monday afternoon. His bond was set at $600. A judge set Banks' bond at $300.

"The City of Kenner has always been very strong about enforcing domestic violence laws here. It doesn't matter because he's a Saints player. We handle domestic violence cases strict and if there's visible injuries it's usually a mandatory arrest," McGregor said.

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